what is wink smile?

Our business was really born to address a need. As an event planner, I love photo booths. They are such a fun way to liven up a party, and guests truly enjoy taking their photos home, as opposed to the typically forgotten party favors of the past. I found, though, that people had to choose between the cold, closed off feeling of a "booth" or the open, but often intrusive or cheesy alternatives. What they all had in common was a low quality photograph.

The next few months were pretty boring, but important. I enlisted the help of a great photographer and a tech-savy fellow named Jason. The three of us managed to find a balance between quality photos, technical ability and a style that is versatile and unique to each party. The result was WINK SMILE!



Mandi helps you to coordinate our ready made backdrops to your event, or she can design one just for you. She also uses our inventory to create custom sets for photo shoots!



Jason worked for months to develop a system that is fast, current and wireless. He is the brains behind our operation, and keeps us ahead of the curve in all the latest technology.

the perfect party favor.

our team is

here to make your party unforgettable. We believe there is no reason to throw a party if it isn't going to be trending on social media by the end of the night. We want to help you create a buzz, so that your guests can't think of a better event this year than YOURS. We also specialize in event planning, so if you REALLY want to make a statement, ask about our planning services!